Plug engages brands and local heroes to support your non-profit on social media.
When you partner with a brand on a Plug, you both post it on social media. The benefit? Your organization gets awesome exposure and recieves donations from the brand when local audiences share the post.
What's your first name?

Hi {{answer_dfjn9l4AoCxK}}, what's the name of your organization?

And what town or city is {{answer_LfSUCR5l3s3C}} in?

Thanks, {{answer_dfjn9l4AoCxK}}. Are you excited to get {{answer_LfSUCR5l3s3C}} going on Plug?

And your phone number?

What's {{answer_LfSUCR5l3s3C}}'s website?

What social media platforms does {{answer_LfSUCR5l3s3C}} use?

Thanks, that's about all the info we need. Are there any businesses or other non-profits around {{answer_kCTxpFAsbScV}} you'd like to recommend to join Plug?

Sweet, just list them here and any additional info and we'll reach out.

Thanks, {{answer_dfjn9l4AoCxK}}. We'll be in touch shortly with next steps. If you need additional support, you can call (603) 491-9463 or email
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